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Meet Andres Santiago Pina!

Andres is the wonderful actor portraying the title character in odysseus tied to the masT. We sat down with him recently to ask him a few questions about his approach and process. Check out his answers below!

What's your favorite part of working on a new show?

The people.

When has art helped you overcome something in your life?

When I was young I dealt with a lot of depression and I didn't have an outlet to express myself creatively, because I grew up in a house where showing your emotions was a sign of weakness. Art helped me to channel my emotions in a safe way. It helped me to get in touch with things about myself that I’m still learning.

What are some what-ifs you're following or hope to follow soon?

A what-if that I am hoping to follow would be - what if I was exactly where I needed to be all the time without feeling like I should be doing something else? And what if I just did things that scared me all the time?

What other artists inspire you?

There’s so many. The person that I’ve been really thinking about a lot lately is Fiona Shaw. I think she’s wonderful. This teacher named Mary who has had a huge impact on my life lately. And Basquiat. And Miles Davis.

What projects do you have coming up next?

Finishing up a play that I am writing.

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