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Meet Sarah Stites

Meet the absolutely amazing Sarah Stites! She's directing the final play of SMALL PLAYS FOR GIANTS, odysseus tied to the masT. We are tremendously lucky to have her on-board and hope you'll enjoy getting to know her a little better as much as we have!

What's your favorite part of working on a new show?

I love the very, very beginning--the period before I begin to consider the constraints of time, and money, and physics, when my job is to let my mind wander around in the void until it bumps up against something interesting.

When has art helped you overcome something in your life?

I think art helps me uncover more than it helps me overcome. Maybe being able to articulate your thoughts, feelings, and experiences is a way of overcoming the inertia of the eat-sleep-work-watch TV that it's so easy to get stuck in.

What are some what-ifs you're following or hope to follow soon?

What if I was a novelist that accidentally became a director? Trying to write some stuff and figure that out!

What other artists inspire you?

I've been deriving a lot of inspiration from fashion lately. I could stare at Dries Van Noten's current collection for hours. I haven't figured out this translates into my own work yet, but the clothes are aggressive and intentional and beautiful. I hope someone describes my work that way some day!

What projects do you have coming up next?

I'm working on this really exciting project with Emilyn Kowaleski called "This Play Was Not Written By A Woman." It's a devised piece inspired by people who were assigned female at birth but assumed or revealed male identities, but we're not really sure where it's headed yet. We're devising some material with a room full of really gifted artists right now and every day I come out of rehearsal having learned something new about the world and my own identity.

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