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Meet Hallie Samuels

Hallie Samuels plays August in God Likes You, and has worked with WalkUpArts before on Much Ado About Nothing (Hero) and A PLAY ABOUT DREW CAREY (Bob Barker, A Clown). We asked her a couple questions to learn some more about her!

What's your favorite part of working on a new show?

The collaborative experience. Being able to be in the room with Philip and Stef and everybody. The most exciting part about new work is that it’s something that you get to work out together. It’s addicting. It’s sort of like “I GOTTA FIGURE THIS SHIT OUT.” It’s going to keep shifting up until the very last moment and even after.

When has art helped you overcome something in your life?

It is something that has always been a part of my day-to-day so in that regard it’s not something that’s come into my life to change me but has always been a part of who I am. Every experience I have is somewhere in my brain as a part of the bank for my work. Even if it isn’t this week or next week, maybe 5 years from now, everything in my life informs what I do. It’s not so much about overcoming but more so just the way I live my life.

What are some what-ifs you're following or hope to follow soon?

I think I need a few more years to think about this!

What other artists inspire you?

Everybody! Off the top of my head, I always feel weird about this answer because I always leave someone out. Meryl Streep (of course), Cecily Tyson, Edie Falco, Mary Louise Parker, Sam Shepherd, Viola Davis, Amy Adams, Allison Janney, Katherine Hepburn, Jessica Lange, Octavia Spencer, Arthur Miller - I’m a big Arthur Miller fan like HUGE, I don’t know! This is not a complete list!

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