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Meet Isabel Quinzaños Alonso

The remarkable Isabel Quinzaños Alonso is directing Baby Jessica's Well-Made Play! Read on below to learn a few things about her and how she approaches her work.

What's your favorite part of working on a new show?

​My favourite part of working on a new show is making specific decisions on what we don't know so we can start making it real. This often involves improvising, imagining and researching combined to make something true.

When has art helped you overcome something in your life?

​I used to be super shy - cripplingly so (no one believes this, but its true). Theatre made me believe that what I had to say was just as important as anyone else, so much so it was fine for me to stand on a stage and be heard. I live with a lot less fear because of theatre.

What are some what-ifs you're following or hope to follow soon?

My life is full of what ifs - what if I don't get a visa renewal and I have to move away - for instance. I am not sure I know everything that is out there in store for me, but I'm content living in the moment. ​The greatest gift the freelance life has ever given me is knowing that there is always something else around the corner.

What other artists inspire you?

​So many! Often, it is any and every collaborator I get to work with. Everyone has something to bring to the table that is wonderful. Lately though, at the top of my list is the fabulous Jari Jones and my mentor, Di Trevis. ​

What projects do you have coming up next?

​I am directing and choreographing a two person show called The Fart Play: I am Sad (A Dance) by Non Kuramoto, which will be showing at the Nasty Women Unite Festival in New York this June.

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