Past Performances

Past Performances

A PLAY ABOUT DREW CAREY is a new play by Philip Santos Schaffer that uses television star and iconic pasty-man Drew Carey as a jumping off point for discussing popular culture, the power of laughter, and the playwright’s mother. Join Ryan, Colin, Wayne, and Drew for an evening of improv, music, and self-aware meta-theatre. Even I’m a character in the play! Shit. I mean, um, the playwright is a character in the play. And boy is he talented.


December 2016


April, 2017

In 2017, WalkUpArts co-produced Ari Rodriguez’s production of HAIR, in partial fulfillment of his MFA in Directing from Columbia University. In contrast to other contemporary productions of HAIR, this production featured a cast made up of performers 55 and over - “baby boomers” who were actually present for the movement that the musical is about. As opposed to focusing on the idea and aesthetic of a “Hippie,” this production explored the reality of the people who lived through the 1960s, and the ways in which they grew up. In our contemporary era, the idealism of the 1960s as represented in HAIR is open to new critique, new celebration, and new championing.

The Living Room Gala

November, 2016

WalkUpArts' Living Room Gala was a gala in our living room. At a normal gala, you wear formal clothing. At a living room gala, you wear comfy clothes. Featuring wine, snacks, and performances.

I Live With William Walker

April, 2016

I Live With William Walker is an original play by Philip Santos Schaffer about family and rectifying the various conflicting elements of one’s own lineage. In the play, a modern man attempts to discover himself by exploring his family history. Also, his roommate is infamous filibuster/land-thief/false king William Walker, his mother is a giantess, and his father is Ronald Reagan. With appearances from many mythical and historic figures, I Live With William Walker is equal parts identity play, farce, poem, and history, with flecks of other stories and styles throughout. Presented as a staged reading at Columbia University (with complimentary Nicaraguan beer and foods)

Night of Fear

October, 2015

In October, 2015 WalkUpArts produced our scariest event yet. A fundraiser that was its own performance, Night of Fear was an event consisting of multiple performances occurring simultaneously in different rooms throughout the apartment of WalkUpArts members Audrey, Philip, Matt, Jenna, and Will.

The Vagina Monologues

February, 2015

In 2014, WalkUpArts partnered with Sunset Park community organizing group UPROSE to present a bilingual edition of The Vagina Monologues as part of the national V-Day Movement. This production was cast largely from within the community, rehearsed in local business spaces, and performed for a large audience of Sunset Parkers as a means of promoting healthy dialogue within the community.

The Life of the Theatre

January, 2015

The Life of the Theatre is an original one hour adaptation of Julian Beck’s powerful diary. Performed “of and in” The Living Theatre, The Life of the Theatre uses Living Theatre techniques and performance tools to create a play that illuminates the company’s exhilarating history, politics, sexual politics, and philosophy while illustrating how these same things manifest in the company’s work. The Life of the Theatre has been performed at Hofstra University, the Studio 440 Whitebox, outdoors as part of The Living Theatre’s Burning the Living performance series, at Burning Man with The Living Theatre, and as part of Horse Trade Theater Group’s 2014 APAP Showcase.

As You Like It

October, 2014

In Fall of 2014, WalkUpArts mounted a production of As You Like It, directed and adapted by Philip Santos Schaffer.  The production’s thematic exploration was inspired by the Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi sabi, which finds beauty in impermanence and imperfection, and points to the cyclical nature of existence. These themes are directly echoed in the text and were highlighted in Schaffer’s adaption. The five actor ensemble performed a streamlined cut of Shakespeare’s play for free in Sunset Park, and was performed for a second time in the Spring of 2015 at the American Actors Theatre in collaboration with Monsterpiece Theater Collective.

Alone With Living Creatures: Pierre D. Through Those Who Knew Him

June, 2014

Inspired by Sophie Calle’s The Address Book, Alone With Living Creatures is an original play that explores issues of intimacy, privacy, and voyeurism. First performed in 2014, the play tells the story of a woman who finds an address book on the street and, instead of returning it directly, decides to contact all the people listed within to interview them about the man whose address book it is. During the first production, the play was performed in the apartment of the cast for an audience of no more than 12 a night, in order to create a sense of intimacy and voyeurism from the start.

Other Past Projects

Artists' Whine and Cheese

A monthly meeting for artists to gather and discuss artistic projects and professional goals, with a focus on actionable, career-oriented advice. "Life is short, and art is long."

The Mug Cafe Open Mic

A monthly open mic, hosted at The Mug Cafe in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. With featured performers, poetry, performance art, music, story telling, and the best chipotle mayo this side of Atlantic Terminal.

Walk Write Up

A monthly literary zine, featuring poems, stories, essays, cartoons, and more! Head Editor : Audrey Frischman. Co-Edited by Laura Been and Philip Santos Schaffer.

July 2017

An original cut of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Matt Engle and performed for free, outdoors, in La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez. 

The men have returned from war, and they have nothing to do but fight and love. But when their pranks turn to tricks, and those tricks go too far, it can mean life or death (or at the least fainting).

Much Ado About Nothing